While I made many mistakes with Advisable, one thing I couldn’t be prouder of is the team we built.

Having worked for several reasonably successful startups before, I had a fairly high-talent bar going into Advisable. Throughout our time, I fought to keep it up, and to build an environment that great people would want to work in, and I think was mostly successful!

Everyone here I would love to work with again if the opportunity arose. Not only are they highly capable, but they’re also delightful people who are a joy to be around.

They also each showed a tremendous amount of strength and fortitude in a highly-uncertain environment - it’s fairly easy to stay buoyant with it’s plain-sailing but to do so when facing such self-evident uncertainty shows immense strength of character.

While shutting down a company involves a lot of worries and uncertainty, one thing I’m not worried about is the bright future that each of them has.

I know that they’ll have no trouble finding great opportunities and not all of them are actively looking. That said, if you or someone you know wants to be the lucky one to work with them, now is your chance to shoot your shot! I’m also more than happy to provide honest assessments of whether or not they’ll be a great fit for any role you have in mind.

Without further adieu, here are the people:

Senior Back-End Engineer / Engineering Leader / Nerd / ???

🤓 Miha Rekar | LinkedIn | 📍 Slovenia / Remote

Miha somehow manages to capture all the best characteristics of the stereotypical hardcore software engineer without all the bad characteristics that often go along with them.

He really cares about his craft - keeping up to date on everything, being at the forefront of new ideas, and thinking deeply about it - but he also cares about other stuff too, with a wide variety of interests & hobbies, even creating a podcast about the interests of software engineers!